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Website Promo

Wilderness at the Smokies

A present unwraps itself to reveal what Bridgemont has done for you in 2008. This was a holiday digital campaign to announce the grand opening of Wilderness at the Smokies, which includes the new Sevierville Events Center, Eagles Landing Golf Course, resort housing, cabin rentals, and various shopping opportunities. Branding elements included new signage, billboard advertising and various brochures.

Content Creation

Custom Photo Shoot

We captured photos as the development began construction until opening day. Scale and versatility was key. Each development was built in phases, starting with the hotel and waterpark opening in 2008.

Billboard Design

Outdoor advertising needs to be creative and directly to the point. In this billboard for Wilderness at the Smokies, applying a playful visual and call to action directly in the headline, a quick glance puts a lasting impression to the entire family.


Entrance includes a custom designed sign, developed by our team to showcase the various activities located on the premise.

Good design is good design in any location.
Matt Rosecrance Creative Director