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Whatcha watchin?

Global Brand Campaign

Something for Everyone – discovery+ commercial

These days with cord nevers, watching is streaming. It seems like we’re always asking our friends, family, and colleagues "whatchu watchin’" because there is so much content in the streaming world that it could feel overwhelming. Inspired by Budweiser's ‘Wassup’ campaign, this concept mimics how a simple phrase can go viral.

Campaign Ideation


In a series of people around the world texting each other "Whatchu Watchin," we learn that people seem to be more into what they’re watching on discovery+ than what is actually happening in their current surroundings. This concept leans into the power of word of mouth, and has the flexibility to be executed globally, with different genres, and with or without talent.

Consumer Insight

Crowdsourcing recommendations is a huge part of our culture, especially when it comes to entertainment. People use it as a way to connect and relate, while also avoiding the need to sift through the ever-increasing options at their fingertips.

After sleepless nights of brainstorming, I turned for inspiration to my library of CA magazines dating back to 1994.
Matt Rosecrance Creative Director