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Partnership of brands

2014 Sizzle Reel

Lumber Liquidators & Scripps Networks

Sizzle reel presented at Lumber Liquidators 2014 national sales convention. Video highlights the partnership between Scripps Networks brands and Lumber Liquidators, showcasing their product exposure to television viewers.

Script Writing & Post Production

Script Outline

It all started with a rough draft, keeping things loose based on what already existed in the can. The main goal was simply to win the business of Lumber Liquidators and continue its partnership for many years to come. We not only focused on the big show integrations like HGTV’s Dream Home, but how those shows branched off to its digital audience through sweepstakes and digital-only video series.

Media Research

The idea was to find engaging content with a focus on viewers remembering the Lumber Liquidator’s brand. Finding those memorable takes and product integrations captured in 2014 was key.

Editing & Visual Effects

I combined the most beautiful B-roll footage and catchy VO snippets with my custom integrated effects to tell the brands story. Showcasing all of Lumber Liquidators content included website animations, full-screen graphic animations and transitions, lower thirds, stingers and bugs. The approach was to create a seamless story between TV and digital content.

Brands that are remembered will win; everyone else just gets filtered.
Matt Rosecrance Creative Director