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A taste of generation yum

2017 Sizzle Reel

Meet Generation Yum – Food Network

Young people don't just care about food. They're obsessed with it. That was the takeaway at the Food Network "Meet Generation Yum" event held at New York's Project Farmhouse.

This Food Network digital sizzle reel set the stage to open the "Generation Yum" panel of discussions. The event was conceived as an opportunity to share the insights gleaned from Food Network's extensive research on these emerging food fanatics with Scripps' brand marketer and agency partners.

Event Details

Food is Sensory

Stations in the event space were designed to illustrate the maxims posted around the room, from Food Is Heritage to Food Is Community. Video screens, scented cards and Holosonic speakers revealed the sights, smells and sounds of onions being chopped and donuts frying in vivid detail.

Event Exhibits

Guests had the opportunity to sample delicious fare from local chefs, ranging from healthy to decadent. Favorites included poke avocado toast, roast pork with grits, juice shots and artisanal donuts.

Panel of Discussions

While Millennials and Gen Z-ers are upending traditional attitudes about food, Food Network is a trusted resource for these young food enthusiasts, and a powerful ambassador for brands trying to reach them.

The mission is to serve up food content the way next-gen food consumers want it: on their own terms.
Matt Rosecrance