A great outdoors series

Show Open

Walmart Great Outdoors

Sponsored exclusively by Walmart and co-hosted by well-known outdoor experts, this popular hunting and fishing program first appeared on ESPN2, moving later to Outdoor Life Network. This studio filmed TV show open was created exclusively for Walmart, branding their first ever outdoors television series.


Walmart Kids All-American Fishing Derby

“Take me fishing!” This nationally televised commercial alerted outdoor enthusiasts and families to attend their local free fishing event, sponsored by Walmart. Trophies were awarded in over 1,500 cities to each age group for biggest fish, smallest fish, most fish, longest cast and fastest reel-in.


Jamel - Walmart Customer

We created this national TV advertising campaign for Walmart’s hunting and fishing department, demonstrating how real customers across America count on Walmart to save money on their outdoor products they want and need. By directing in-store casting calls, we found each unique talent and highlighted their passion for both the great outdoors and gear purchased to succeed in that sport.


Larry - Walmart Customer

For each :30 commercial production, we first conducted an unscripted in-store interview to capture the most meaningful sound bites. We then shot B-roll both in-store and field, to coincide with the context of each individuals unique story. The result were real experiences, just the brand Walmart was looking to tell their audiences. We shot and edited a series of 23 TV commercials per year for 5 years, airing within their exclusive sponsorship of Walmart Great Outdoors.