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StarbucksFood Network

Coffee brunch pairings

Multi-Device Campaign

Mobile & Tablet

Starbucks partnered with Food Network to execute a series of ad units to live across all device types, reaching out to users however they engage with our content, whether in the Food Network App or on its parent website. The ads feature recipe pairings giving the advertising a contextual advertorial appeal.

In-app advertising offers an opportunity to target the right audience at the right time.
Matt Rosecrance Creative Director

Mobile Interstitial & Pushdown

In-App & Mobile Web

Targeting Food Network app users on phones, this creative is also delivered as an interstitial. With less real estate than the tablet version, it features recipe pairings in a carousel with the option to email the recipe to a friend.

Users on the mobile web are introduced to the same creative via this high impact unit. The Mobile pushdown auto expands out of the default 320x50 space exposing a carousel of the same recipe pairings.

Launch Study