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Bake some love

Touch Advertising

Mobile & Tablet

Tasked with an interactive ad for Nestlé Toll House, we were excited to give our food enthusiasts that have come to love Food Network some new experiences from our In the Kitchen mobile app. As design manager at Scripps Networks, I was even more excited to push my staff and myself in developing a mobile campaign for Nestlé to increase awareness, brand favorability, and purchase intent.

The first prototype isn’t meant to show a solution. It’s to show that you don’t yet understand the problem.
Matt Rosecrance Creative Director

Expandable Mobile Ad

Tap to Expand

Implementing recipes and video supplied by Nestlé, we created an expandable mobile banner that had the potential to use the entire screen. This ad gave the user a large canvas with touch options, call-to-actions, and in-depth graphics. The user experience includes a full screen video and delicious recipes to choose from, plus email capabilities to send ingredients and directions to themselves or friends.

Through the personalized interactivity created in this expandable ad, the user feels in control of their environment, while also connecting with our target audience through relevant advertising.