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Fresh flavors of summer

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Watermelon & Spicy Shrimp Salad - Wood Fired Grilled

Chef Cammie (talent) presents three new salads from Applebee’s as a culinary authority. She appears on camera in a kitchen setting, interacting with the salad ingredients and emphasizing the freshness of the ingredients. You will be inspired by beautiful, mouth-watering visuals of the salad being assembled, shots of the grilled protein being sliced, fresh/crisp/juicy produce, presented how the dishes are plated in restaurant.

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Southwestern Steak Salad - Wood Fired Grilled

We start with seasonal, fresh produce like avocado and grilled-seared watermelon. Then we add shrimp, chicken and hand-cut USDA Choice top sirloin steak grilled over American split-oak logs.

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Chicken, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad - Wood Fired Grilled

The balance of flavors, from smoky and bold to crisp and fresh make these the crave worthy salads you're going to love.